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This morning Johnsy and I were conversing while we were getting ready to head out the door. Well, I was conversing. Johnsy was brushing her teeth and making noises around the toothbrush. I was interpreting the noises. It went something a little like this:
Me: So EB is talking about having a Lord of the Rings Marathon one of these Saturdays, would you be interested in something like that?
Johnsy: Incoherent noise.
Me: That sounded kinda like “Chairman Mao has an army,” except I’m not sure what that would have to do with Lord of the Rings. Though they do have a lot of armies.
Johnsy (removing toothbrush): I couldn’t do it this Saturday.
Me: Well, he wasn’t 100% on the date. I’m kindof hoping he’ll change it to another Saturday since the Swingout Dayton Monthly Dance is this Saturday, so a lot of people couldn’t make it. If it was another day, would you be up for it?
Johnsy (having replaced the toothbrush): Incoherent noise.
Me: That sounded sort of like “Anytime!” except the tone of your voice was more like, “Why must you torture me this way?”
Johnsy (removing toothbrush): I was saying, “Maybe. if it works out.”

In other news, Pookah’s mother died Tuesday afternoon, very unexpectedly. I still don’t know what happened. One minute Pookah was a normal suburban newlywed, and the next she was an orphan. This tragedy barely touches me, and I’m still in a little bit of shock. Let’s not have any more mothers die for a while, ok?

And after that, here’s something a little more cheerful. Or ridiculous. You take your pick. Last night I was dancing with Bounce. He led some lollies forward, and then this move something like reverse-lollies backwards with perhaps a little grapevine involved. I kindof knew what to do, but I couldn’t make my feet catch up and ended up just walking backwards. I was so disgusted at my own ineptitude that I made a frustrated raspberry-type noise. Unfortunately, my face happened to be about six inches away from Bounce’s at the time. Yeah. He blinked at me in surprise, and then we both burst out laughing. I wiped him off with my sleeve as he made exaggerated shocked and surprised faces, and then we almost stopped dancing because we were laughing so hard. And then we settled down and finished the dance.

Dancing with me can be hazardous, I’m tellin’ ya.