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Today during Prof. Peat’s philosophy class, someone sent us a pizza, a small one with a thin crust and extra sauce.  From Domino’s.  Really.  It was kinda awesome.  First there was the fun of watching the pizza guy wander around trying to find us, and then when he knocked on the door and discovered that none of us had ordered the pizza.  He went away then for a while, only to come back again.  A young lady in the lobby had signed for the pizza, he said, and instructed him to give it to us.  So he did.  Prof. Peat, rather flabbergasted at this turn of events (and isn’t flabbergasted a good word?) took the pizza, removed a modest portion, then set it out in the middle of the room, where my fellow classmates descended on it like sharks on bleeding prey.  I did not partake myself (I can’t eat most kinds of cheese), so I watched from a safe distance and laughed and laughed.

Unfortunately, this means that I was too busy laughing to write down quotes, so you’ll have to wait until next week for more Prof. Peat quotes.  Sorry.  I know that they are the only reason some of you read this blog at all (yeah, Johnnycakes, I’m lookin’ at you), but you’ll just have to find another reason for living for a little while.

In other news, I’m getting ready for company this weekend.  I’m hosting people for the Smackdown.  This is the first time I’ve hosted swing people.  It looks like I have all the people coming in from Cleveland.  Thankfully my house is still pretty much clean from the CL party I had last weekend.  Now I just have to get laundry done, and, um, a lot of other things.  This is at the same time as it seems like I might be getting sick again.  Yesterday I did that sleep ’round the clock thing again.  I came home from classes and fell asleep in my chair while working on the hat I’m making for Johnsy.  That was about 4:30 yesterday afternoon.  Sometime around 10 or 11 I woke up long enough to climb out of my chair and stumble into bed, but otherwise I didn’t wake up until 7am this morning.  Ironically, this is after a couple of nights when it took me a long time to get to sleep.  I’m feeling some better today, so maybe that’s what I needed.  I hope so, anyway.

In other news, AnniPotts is safely home from Kenya!  We had a family brunch on Sunday at which she gifted us with the amazing largess of beaded things, cloth, and jewelry she brought home with her.  The waist beads and earrings are lovely indeed, but a safe AnniPotts is infinitely better!

In other, other news, Bounce just returned to me the box of science fiction books I lent him last May, so I’m getting reacquainted with half my science fiction library.  It’s like running into old friends you haven’t thought about in a long time and thinking, “Oh, hey, I remember you!  You’re cool!”