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This is my drawing of the rose garden I’d like to plant this year.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it, just because I’m not sure I’m going to have the money to spare to buy the roses.  And then there’s buying soaker hoses, and other water hoses and couplings to put together an irrigation system so Johnsy can water it without leaving the back deck.  (I plant things, Johnsy waters them – that’s the way we roll.  )  All told I think the cost would be under $100, but when you just don’t have the money to begin with…  Sigh.

Besides gardens, I’ve also been obsessing about fashion lately.  A little while ago I finally got my sewing table set up in the basement.  This is the first time I’ve had my sewing machine out and readily accessible since I moved out of my grandmother’s house in 2001.  Seven years, friends.  In the meantime I’ve been amassing fabric, patterns, and ideas to try out.  There’s the nice, wool coat with princess lines and a full skirt I’ve been dreaming of, and swingy skirts galore, and maybe some shrugs, and a jacket for Johnsy that doesn’t bind her shoulders (one side effect of being in a wheelchair is an extremely ripped upper body – something a lot of smaller sizes don’t make room for), and doll clothes (I have an idea for a whole doll wardrobe similar to that of the doll in A Little Princess).  I’ve also been thinking a lot about what some of the tailored jackets for the vintage suit patters I have would look like made up in sweatshirt fabric, kinda riffing off something I saw on this website.  And maybe, just maybe, I’ll finally finish that Dorothy Halloween costume I’ve been talking about for a year and a half now.  Who knows? Miracles do happen…

AnniPotts should be home tomorrow!

Prof. Peat Quote Book:
“And he drew all kinds of conclusions that are, as we like to call it in the academic community, wrong.”
“Shall I tell you the deep, dark secret about people who do American philosophy – which is not me, since I don’t believe in either.  No, that was a joke.  I believe in both, just not in combination.”
“I’m not going to leave this on the board for the Italian class
[which follows us] because then they’ll think I’m too much fun and want to take my classes, and then I’d have to [shuddering] grade their papers.”