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First, AnniPotts should be home day after tomorrow!!!!  I’ve been wanting to post that for days, but I haven’t seemed to get five minutes to get a post together.  The relief won’t be complete until I see her with my own eyes, but just knowing that she’s definitely decided to come home is wonderful.  It’s been very hard and sad for her.  It’s never easy to decide to give up.  And then what if the peace talks really do work, everything settles down, and it looks like she could have stayed?  To which I answer, but what if things deteriorate further, normal travel out of the country becomes impossible, and we have to pressure our Congressman (whom none of us particularly like and did not vote for) to get the Marines to do an extraction?  Sure, one of the Marines could coincidentally happen to be the nice, Catholic man of AnniPotts dreams (surely hundreds of romance novels can’t be wrong), leading to much romance, Drama, and AnniPotts’ own personal happily ever after.  Still, just because our parents would like some grandchildren one of these days is no reason why AnniPotts should stay in harm’s way.

You guys do realize that I’m kidding, right?  Right?  Sigh.  Stupid oddball sense of humor.

I’m starting to get excited about the Dayton Swing Smackdown in two weeks.  This is mostly because of watching the UD Swing Club kids working so hard on their routine for the competition.  They’re so cute!  And adorable!  And they’ve worked so hard and come so far!  I remember back when they could barely dance, and now they’re Suzie-Q-in’ and pony-steppin’ and generally bustin’ it out all over the place!  (I wish I could post a video so you could see what I’m talking about, but I think I’d better wait until after the competition.  But then you’ll see, I promise!)  The best part has been watching one girl, whom I think I’ll call Baby Red, totally blossom.  When she started she was one of those dancers that you watch and sigh, but not from pleasure.  She was stiff, uncertain and awkward.  But she loved dancing, and signed up to do the routine.  From the beginning she worked so hard, and so seriously.  Then came the day when they learned the section in which the girls were asked to be a little, um, expressive.  It took a while for them to get over their embarrassment, but after a few tries they started to get it.  Then they really got it, and Baby Red was one of the best.  We were applauding, and I called out that the Bernadette Award for Most Improved Expressiveness went to Baby Red, back in the corner.  She laughed and blushed, and since then has been going to town.  Now she’s one of the best girls in the routine.  Last night we picked her to be part of the two couples who will represent the team in the spotlight dances.  It’s amazing what hard work and a little confidence will do.