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I started my new adult ballet class Monday night, and oh, dear Lord, my thighs hurt today.  I thought that it would be my inner thighs (all those stretches), but instead it seems like it’s the top part and a little section down by my knees.  I think it was the plies that did me in.  I stretched my legs out this morning, but stairs are still, um, challenging.  It’s good to feel pushed.

I finally gave Johnsy her Christmas presents this week.  I’ve been looking forward to this for practically ever.  It was a finely tuned balance between the practical and the silly.  The practical part was a pair of wheelchair gloves with gel-padded palms.  (I told her that I thought she could use some better brakes.)  The silly part was all from one of my favorite online websites, American Science & Surplus. You can buy the most wonderful and ridiculous things there for not very much money.  I went down their list of Adult & Kid Toys and picked off a few of the best: a Nunchuck with 10-pack of extra nuns, a Grow Your Own Brain (I figured since she’s writing her Master’s thesis now, she could maybe use another one), and some other choice goodies.  As soon as she opened it we had to test out the Nunchuck.  Friends, that thing can get some serious mileage!  So awesome.  We’re going to try to figure out what order the nuns belong to based on the colors & design of their habit (the display case of dolls dressed like nuns on the 6th floor of Roesch Library should help with that), and perhaps name them, which will make it even more fun.  Good times ahead!

The other thing I’m all excited about is that I finally have a chair in my room again.  I used to have this big, green club chair of extreme cushiony-ness (something sorta like this).  I bought it some years ago from a consignment shop I used to frequent, back when I could afford such things.  It was, seriously, the most comfortable chair in the world.  It was a little like my nest.  That was where I sat to do my homework, to write in my journal, for my personal prayer time, to watch movies on my laptop, to drink tea in the mornings while looking out my window.  When my friends came over, that was the seat they always headed for.  A few months ago I had to get rid of it for various reasons.  It was like a loss in the family.  Since then I’ve mostly been sitting on my bed for those things, but it just isn’t the same.  I knew I needed a chair, but I didn’t have the capital to invest in a large-ish piece of furniture.  Then I found this on amazon: a folding Papa-san chair in dark blue at a price I could easily afford.  I quickly snapped it up, and it was delivered Monday.  I’ve been luxuriating in it ever since.  Yesterday I watched the sun set over the houses across the alley while curled up in its plush depths.  It was about as restful as you can get.

Prof. Peat Quote of the Day: “And I will hold it against you, not only through the grading system, but for the rest of your lives.”