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I’m cranky tonight.  Well, when my general lethargy permits.  I wanted to go dancing, but I haven’t been feeling well and my health seems to be defeating me.  It’s not any major complaint, just more congestion than usual, a persistent headache, near total loss of energy, and asthma flareups.  In other words, a typical cold.  Usually I can dose myself up on decongestants and painkillers and power through these things.  This time it doesn’t seem to be working,  I’ve been trying to be good.  I’ve been sleeping a lot, and not pushing myself.  I thought maybe if I took it easy I would be able to go out tonight.  I  missed the regular dance on Wednesday, so it’s now been well over a week since I danced at all.  I even got dressed to dance (jeans and white lacey crocheted sweater over turquoise velvet tank with small turquoise necklace).  Johnsy told me I look very nice.  Unfortunately, getting dressed to go out seems to have consumed all the energy I actually have to expend.  My chest is burning a little, and  my head is feeling loopy.  Yeah, I’m not going anywhere.  But I’ll look cute while I’m not going there.  That’s a plus, right?

I’m really not ready for school to start on Monday.  I haven’t registered for all my classes.  I haven’t even looked at the textbooks I’ll need.  I’m not done with my work from last semester.  If I stop to think about it I panic a little.  Lucky thing the fever’s making it hard to think anyway.

Here’s something funny: one of the few things I’ve been able to do today is some badly needed laundry.  One of the things I needed to wash was an awesome pair of rainbow striped thick wool socks I got from my brother.  Although they are brand new, my brother had shipped them home from the Orient stuffed with mothballs.  (Why?  I don’t know.  To protect them from moth-infested airplane holds, maybe? Who knows?  My brother’s ways are inscrutable.)  Unfortunately, this has given them such a strong odor of mothballs that you can smell them from yards away even when they are sealed in a ziplock bag.  Really.  These socks are great, and my feet are cold, so I tossed them in with one of my loads of laundry.  With the result that now the entire load of laundry, not just the socks, smells strongly of mothballs.  And still does even though I washed it all again.  I have now extracted the socks from the load, and am washing it a third time.  We’ll see if that helps.  Meanwhile, the socks still smell like mothballs…