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You can tell the day has completely gone down the tubes when it’s past 4:30 and you still haven’t had your second cup of coffee.  You’ve been intending to get that second cup of coffee for some time now.  It is, after all, the key to any sort of productivity for the rest of the day.  But somehow it just… hasn’t happened.  Now it’s getting on to 4:45, there’s no way there’s any coffee left in the break room, and you’re not about to make a whole pot of coffee for yourself to drink in the fifteen minutes you’re still going to be here.  You could make coffee when you get home.  It would be the good stuff too – freshly ground from whole beans made in a French press coffeepot, lightened with real half & half.  But you know that when you’re standing in the kitchen, just the thought of boiling the water, grinding the beans and all that will seem… just too much work (see also, tiredness from insufficient caffeine).  So you’re caught in a vicious circle.  You’re tired because you didn’t have enough coffee, but doing the necessary things to obtain that caffeine seems like would take too much energy.  Because you’re tired.  Because you didn’t drink your coffee.  You could go on and on like this for quite a while really.

Maybe I’ll just buy a Diet Coke from the machine and quit whining.

My Aquinas paper still isn’t done.  But I got a 98% on my Anthropology final presentation today.  It was all about people learning stuff from watching youtube.  I showed a clip of the ULHS 2006 Solo Charleston Finals, and then one of Baker doing solo Charleston, pointing out style similarities between her and Sharon Davies.  The class actually paid attention, which was pretty awesome.  But then, among all the “influence of reality TV on teenage & young adult perceptions of gender/romantic relationships” project clones, our project (on the ways that youtube is changing the ways people learn behavior – swing dancing, guitar playing, skateboard tricks people shouldn’t try at home but do anyway) stood out.  There are times when it definitely pays to be original.  Well, and to show videos of people getting hurt.

Speaking of videos, this is what I want to do tonight: go watch Superbad at Bounce’s place with swing people.  But my sense o’ duty is telling me that if I’m going to do non-school stuff tonight I should go to my regular Catholic young adult thing, which I skipped last week supposedly to study, but really to read Neal Stephenson and procrastinate.  What I really need to do is stay home, write my Aquinas paper, and read the book that I’m going to be tested on in my Judaism final tomorrow.  And then what I really want to do is go home, change into pajamas, crawl into bed with another novel, and read until I fall asleep (the Diet Coke hasn’t kicked in yet).  It’s not just a good and bad angel, one on each shoulder.  No, I’ve got four creatures talking at once, all equally dubious, rotating around my head like electrons orbiting an atomic nucleus.  It’s starting to make me dizzy.

Oh, hey!  It’s after five now, so I can go home.  And make decisions.  We’ll see how that goes.

Also, did you know that someone in Belgium has been reading this?  Hello, person in Belgium!