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Yesterday in Ballet, which, by the way, I still utterly adore, we were doing jumps for the first time in a long time.  (First! And first! And first! And first! Changement, Changement, Changement, Changement!  Echappe, Pas des Bourre, Echappe, Pas des Bourre! Changement!  Changement!  Changement!).  At the same time as you are jumping quickly and changing the position of your feet while you’re in the air , you’re also supposed to be moving your arms slowly and gracefully from second position to first to fifth and back to second.  This is to show how effortlessly and easily you’re doing the jumps.  I encourage all of you to try this sometime.  It’s a little like that whole rub-your-head-while-you-pat-your-stomach thing which I have never been able to do (not that I’ve ever really tried).  It fried my brain a little.  I’m not sure I’m completely recovered even now.

The holiday season is starting to get filled up.  It’s funny – on my calendar it can look like the days during Finals Week and immediately thereafter are miraculously, wonderfully empty.  The problem is that this doesn’t reflect reality.  It seems like the weekend of the 14th is going to be especially interesting.  I have one Christmas party on Friday, two on Saturday, and an “Advent Tea” on Sunday afternoon – which is also the day I had planned to go dance Westie in Indianapolis.  I’m deeply grateful Johnsy and I decided not to be insane and try to plan our own Christmas party this year.  Though we may still do something in January before the 12 Days of Christmas are up. We’ll see.

I’m trying to think of something else entertaining/cute to tell you guys, and coming up totally blank (perhaps I should drink some more coffee).  Right now everything is the crunch of finals coming.  I don’t have that many actual tests, but there are a lot of papers waiting to be written.  I have twenty pages about beauty in Aquinas, seven pages about modesty as a feminist resistance value arising from a female experience of embodied sexuality, and a couple of small papers for Judaism.  The feminist paper is a little worrisome.  It’s not long, but the teacher is a little difficult to please.  I’m very interested in the topic, but it’s the kind of thing that could turn into a doctoral dissertation if I let it.  I have to keep reminding myself that it’s a 6-7 page paper for a 300 level course.

Oh, and did I mention that my Aquinas Prof. decided to do an Oral Exam for the Final?  We get to pick one article from the Summa Theologiae which we will prepare and explain to him. Then he will hand us another article from anywhere in the Summa which we get to explain cold.  It’s a one-on-one thing, and he’s set aside two hours on his calendar for each exam.  Yeah.  I’m scared.