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I think I had one of the funnest Thanksgivings I’ve ever had this year.  I brought Johnsy home with me.  It was wonderful.  She picked on my little brothers, listened attentively to my dad, and talked beadwork with Mariah.  The very best was watching her whup my little brothers’ butts.  Of course, she had them at a slight disadvantage.  You can’t touch her legs at all, and when she’s coming after you, you don’t have much of a chance of grabbing those arms.  So what does that leave you to grab?  My little brothers are fine, upstanding young gentlemen who just… didn’t know what to do.  It was amazingly cute.  I was helping out with the dishes after dinner while the rumpus was going on in the front room.  Every once in a while I’d go out to investigate and come back with a status report:  “Johnsy chased Boy-O up the stairs.”  “Johnsy is on the carpet doing her impression of a dying bug.”  Halfway through the night, Mom took me aside and said, “Thanks for bringing Johnsy with you.  I like her.  She’s a great kid.”

Later on Boy-O somehow ended up in Johnsy’s wheelchair, and was trying to see if he could perform basic life tasks like, say, going to the bathroom, without using his legs.  It was interesting.  By the end of the night Johnsy trusted Boy-O enough to let him carry her out to my car – only the second time I’ve ever seen her let someone carry her.