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So last night at my Regular Catholic Young Adult Thing, we were going around the tables introducing ourselves by stating our full name, which was defined as any name which has been assigned to us on an official document of one kind or another.  One guy introduced himself as Master So and So, because he had earned his Master’s degree.  I was idly musing on this today, and wondered if I could introduce myself as Master once I’ve earned my MA.  Only Master is a gender specific word, so I would technically be a Mistress.  Mistress of the Arts.  Or, maybe, Art’s Mistress.  And then I started personifying this “Art,” and things kinda went downhill from there.  So I don’t think I’ll introduce myself as Art’s Mistress after I get my MA, but I probably will think about it on occasion and giggle.

In other news, I have the most fabulous boots!  I love these things.  I’ve been on a quest for almost a year to find good boots I could wear with skirts.  I don’t wear heels if I can help it, so this had been a mostly fruitless quest.  Then I saw these, and they are so much fun!  Already I’m calling them my pirate boots.  They would come almost completely over my knees if I let them, though I turn down the top cuff a little so they don’t hit the back of my thigh when I walk.  It adds a little more swashbuckle-y flair.  I got them last night, wore them immediately, and could just barely resist putting them on again first thing this morning.  When you wear boots like this, everything seems like an adventure.

I’m getting a new mattress tonight!  Wahoo!  Oh, the nights of sweet, peaceful sleep to (hopefully) come!  Oh, the back-pain free mornings!  Oh, the generosity of Pookah and Sparkboy, who are financing this mattress!  Have I mentioned lately that I love my friends?  I do, and not just because they help me sleep better.