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Yesterday morning I had to scrape frost off my windshield before I could drive to work.  Last night I brought the rosemary and bay plants in off the back porch to what will be their winter homes on the kitchen table.  I still have the front porch plants to bring in and find homes for.  I’m not such a fan of this cold thing.  There are parts of Fall I love: pumpkins, weather cool enough to break out my extensive collection of colorful scarves, wearing fuzzy socks, the trees suddenly turning glorious, and bright blue days with skies so high and clear you can see the moon at noontime.  What I don’t like is having to wear a coat, and fingers so stiff with cold I wish I’d worn gloves (scarves I love, but not gloves, and I’m deeply ambivalent about hats.  Or at least I would be if I could ever find one that looked good on my odd-shaped head).  I really dislike scraping windshields.  One time a friend told me about two sweethearts who worked at the same place far up north.  Every evening right before the girl was about to be done for the day, the guy would head out to the parking lot, scrape the windshield of her car, and warm in up for her so that she could get straight into a warm car when she went home.  I envied that girl so much, not so much for the boyfriend (although I knew the guy in question, and he was a truly excellent young man), but simply because she had someone who would scrape her windshield for her.  I  was told about this over three years ago, and I’m still sighing about it.  A scraped windshield is worth more than roses any day, and you all know how much I love roses.

This afternoon I’m going to an actual UD football game.  I’ve never been to one of these.  I never really wanted to.  (“What is this school spirit thing you speak of?”)  But my baby brother, Boy-O, is crazy for football – a strange and wonderful thing in our artistic, academic family.  So we try to encourage him.  This afternoon a bunch of us are piling into the family van and heading off to the game.  I used to say that I only watched football games for the marching bands.  An awful lot of the UD swing club kids are in the band.  I guess now I can see what has been keeping them from going dancing on Wednesday nights.  The only question left is what to wear: the traditional jeans and sweatshirt?  Or should I go with jean skirt, my new ultra-snuggly knit footless tights, and a sweatshirt?  Decisions, decisions…

In other news, I’ve discovered what is turning out to be one of my favorite things ever: Pandora Online Radio.  You type in the name of a song or artist you really love, and they create a whole radio station of music like that.  You tell them whether or not you like the songs they’ve picked, and it influences the programming.  It’s so much fun.  I’ve found an incredible amount of good music I would have never known about this way.  For example, “Baby Workout” by Jackie Wilson leads to “I Could Never Be President” by Johnnie Taylor, and “Your Replacement Is Here” by Edd Henry, then “Twistin’ With Linda” by The Isley Brothers, etc.  Right now I’m listening to what I think of as my lullaby station – soothing classical-ish piano music.  I made it by typing in “Brahm’s Lullaby” and finding a version by a classical artist I’d never heard of.  Good stuff!