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I think if you need an easy Halloween costume you can dance in, a hula girl costume is definitely the way to go.  No complicated pieces to get lost, no big hats or fancy hair-do’s to worry about, not too warm to dance in, and boy, those grass skirts fly on the spins!  Such good times.  Of course, I wasn’t just any hula girl for Halloween, I was Her Royal Highness, The Princess Pupule.  She has a lot of papayas.  She likes to give them away.  (LM: “Are those papayas?”  Me:  “Yes… do you know why?”  LM – laughing:  “Oh, yeah!”  Sensei: “I’ve never danced with a Princess before.”  Me: “I was in disguise.”)  No one took me up on my offer of papaya, but the dance Saturday was a great time all the same.  I’m so glad I finally made it this year!

Friday night was LM and Sensei’s pumpkin carving party, also a lot of fun.  I don’t know if I’d ever actually carved a pumpkin before.  My parents were very anti-Halloween.  Most years we weren’t allowed to even dress up, much less go trick-or-treating.  Sometimes they allowed us to hand out candy.  Sometimes.  I think for a first-timer I did a pretty good job, though it didn’t occur to me to even try to make mine scary.  I also wasn’t really interested in using the patterns everyone else was so excited about.  Instead, I did a Self Portrait In Pumpkin, complete with glasses and big curls on the sides.  I think it’s pretty sweet, even if what was intended to be dramatically long eyelashes instead came across as very bushy eyebrows.  It’s out on my front porch right now, and if the vandals don’t get to it, I’ll have it lit when the kids come around for Beggars’ Night tomorrow.  Then I will take it inside and bake it to make Pumpkin Bread Pudding.  Mmmmm.

Yesterday I was at my parents’ for the Annual Christmas Planning Brunch and Meeting (we’re very serious about these things in my family).  At one point the phone rang, and mom took it into the kitchen to answer.  Indy and I heard her say, “14!” in surprised and pleased tones.  We looked at each other and waited a moment.  It soon became clear that it wasn’t our 14, but some other person with the same name.  It would have been very surprising if it had been him, since he’s in the middle of a 30 day silent retreat, but still.  I miss that guy.