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We’re getting new office furniture at work, and today is moving day.  Everything’s been packed up, today the old stuff gets moved out, the place gets painted over the weekend, and on Monday they’ll move the new stuff in.  This means that I and my boss are currently sharing a computer located over in the division library.  This would normally be a challenge, except my boss is taking this opportunity to spend the day doing what she loves to do more than anything in the world: hang out in the halls and fuss over things.  Right now I can hear her out there fussing over the black marks on the walls that may or may not have been left by the moving company.  Oh, she’s a happy woman!

I owe an apology to Johnsy.  The house wasn’t frigid because she was being excessively frugal, it was cold because the pilot light had gone out in the furnace.  Yesterday evening she risked life and limb (literally) to get it lit again.  She was down there in the basement laying on her side sticking her arm with a gas lighter through a door in the side of the thing.  I was upstairs in the kitchen making pesto with the last of the basil and I heard a soft but heartfelt, “Oh, sh*t.”  When she came upstairs she told me that she had forgotten to turn the furnace off before she started.  When the pilot light was successfully lit, the burner came on – right where her arm was.  Yeah.  Thankfully, she got her arm out fast enough that no more than the hair got singed a little (her eybrows also survived intact).  And now the house is warm again.