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Isn’t it a lovely thing when a test you thought was going to be A Total Disaster instead, well, isn’t?  And only takes half an hour out of an hour fifteen class period to take?  And since you panicked earlier in the day you have your Woman and Philosophy presentation all ready to go?  And now you can chill out in the library and post things on your blog, because that’s the kind of girl you are.  A blogging girl.  Who occasionally panics.  But that’s ok.

Yesterday I was so stressed and out of it that I completely lost an hour of my day.  I was at Women’s Group, and left at what I thought was 9pm to head over to Bal practice.  Because of Various Things I had to cut Ballet (almost precipitating an emotional meltdown, esp. since I had to cut Ballet last week too in order to finish my Aquinas homework), so I was utterly determined that I must dance at least a little or the day would be a complete loss.  I got to Bal, and everyone was sitting around like they do after the lesson.  Only instead of dancing, suddenly Baker started ordering everyone into the Charleston warm-up like the Dominant Female she is.  Confused, I whispered to Bounce, “Didn’t you guys already do the lesson?”  “Dear,” he said, “this is the lesson.”  That was when I looked at my watch (the one that had told me it was 9:00), and realized that no, it had said 8:00, and I had just run out on my Women’s Group an hour early.  Whoops.

Yeah.  And the funny thing?  I supposedly just came off Midterm Break.  I think I might have to have some Strong Words with my schedule.  This coming weekend I’m supposedly doing a potluck dinner at Mai’s on Friday, going to go collect my First Place Poetry Prize at Heidelberg College on Saturday, driving back in time for the Theology On Tap party, then Practice Session and things on Sunday.  When am I going to do homework, you might ask?  I have no earthly idea.  Probably trying to do it when I should be sleeping, and neither sleeping nor getting homework done.  And I’m supposed to have 168 pages of Aquinas summarized for next Tuesday.  Plus, you know, a four page paper and a few other things.

If I survive I’ll let you know how it goes.  Probably on my blog.  Because I’m that kind of girl.  A blogging girl.