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An interesting weekend of dancing.  I got to dance at Eeyore’s wedding on Friday, which was lovely.  He was dancing with Johnsy (always an interesting proposition with the wheelchair), and I grabbed him as soon as that song was done.  We got applauded at the end, which was funny.  (I just realized as I typed that last sentence that it could sound like I’m bragging.  I don’t mean it like that when I mention compliments and things – I’m just so genuinely surprised.  I don’t know if this is humility or self-esteem problems.  Probably both.)  I danced a lot with Baby too.  Eve did an an awesome job DJing, so we had lots of good music to dance to.  Plus there was this little boy with amazing dance moves there.  He came over to us while we were doing some solo Charleston later in the evening, and I taught him a little – the Charleston basic, the Scarecrow, the move I call cross-overs.  I was impressed at how quickly he picked things up, though he made me wish that either I were much better at Charleston or that Baker were there so he could see what the moves should really look like.

Then on Sunday I went to Indianapolis with Jean-Luc for the West Coast dance.  I was a little nervous about this.  The only contact I’d had with the guy was a couple dances at a workshop back in July plus a handful of e-mails.  “Are you really going to get in a car with a guy you barely know to travel several hours away just so you can dance Westie?”  I asked myself.  And the answer was, “Yes…”  (I did print out all our e-mails and pin them on the bulletin board at home labeled Where I’m Going And Who I’m Going With.)

I’m really glad I went.  The dance was great.  There were easily 60+ people there of all skill levels from Baby Beginner to Competitor.  I had some great dances, and got some good compliments, with lots of people encouraging me to come back when I was leaving at the end.  The trip with Jean-Luc was good too.  We talked almost the whole way there and back, mostly about theology.  He knows something about it, though from a mostly Protestant/Evangelical point of view.  I tend to be careful about how much theology I talk – I know that not everyone is as crazy about it as I am, even if they are into their faith, and I want to respect people’s boundaries.  But every time I’d get away from theology for a while he’d ask another question, and we’d be right back talking about it again.  It was kinda cool.  He says that he’s open to having other people come along too, so I’m going to see who else I can talk into coming when we go again in December.

In other news, MDoS is in town!  Hurrah!