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So it seems like my Higher Power has decided that I will have a Midterm Break whether I like it or not.  And for that I say meekly, “Thank you, Higher Power!”  My planned schedule had involved a full day of classes Wednesday, a Cooking Day with LM on Thursday, a full day of work and a wedding on Friday, lots of house chores and a birthday dinner for The Duchess on Saturday, then going to Indianapolis to dance Westie on Sunday.  In other words, a pretty normal Bernadette schedule. Then half my classes Wednesday got canceled, LM pulled out on me, my boss asked me if I wanted to change my work schedule for Friday since it was Midterm Break, and the birthday dinner got turned into a birthday brunch.  Sunday (so far, at least) is the only day that has remained the same.  The lovely thing about LM pulling out is that I had already made all the arrangements for my jobs at Theology On Tap to be covered, so I had this wonderful and unexpected thing: a completely free evening.  It was lovely.

I just found out yesterday that my Old Roommate has been in Hospice Care for at least two weeks now, maybe three.  I tried to call The Kiddo, but the number I have for her wouldn’t go through.  I know that there isn’t really anything I can do.  I wish there was.  I wish lots of things.