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I really like teaching.  I’m teaching the Swing I class on Wednesdays this month, and on Monday I taught the lesson for the UD Swing Club.  It was so much fun.  We had a smaller group than usual – I think only ten couples with a few extra follows.  But they caught on so fast, and seemed to enjoy what they were learning so much.  It was such a kick watching light bulbs go on.  We talked about frame, and what it means to actually follow, how much trust it takes, and how a lead can help his follow feel more comfortable giving him that trust.  The very best part was watching everyone dance afterwards.  For the first time they looked really happy when they danced, confident, and like they were having fun.  More of them stayed to dance, and they stayed longer than usual.  We even had a mini-lesson on steals with the four couples who were still there at the end of the night.  I enjoyed myself so thoroughly that I’m a little sad I won’t get a chance to do it again for a while.

This weekend I’m going Westie dancing!  Back in July I met this guy at the Mary Ann Nunez workshop who lives in Kettering and drives to the Indianapolis dances every other week.  He had said that he would be happy for me to tag along, but our schedules didn’t immediately synch up.  I had been supposed to go with him last month, but forgot and promised to go up to Detroit for the Battle of the Swing Cities.  I didn’t remember I had a previous commitment at all until I got an e-mail from him a few days before.  That’s when I had to apologize profusely.  Sigh.  But all is well, and on Sunday finally, finally I will go to Indianapolis and dance Westie.  And it will be good. Hurrah!