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So I’ve been at work for a little over two hours now, and this is what I’ve done:

  • Check my e-mail.
  • Get my first cup on coffee.
  • Make one copy of a form, send the original to Contracts, give the copy back to my boss to get lost in the paper stacks on her desk.
  • Log in to facebook.
  • Check the swing forums.
  • Fill out and turn in my time card.
  • Start checking my blogs.
  • Transfer two calls to the Big Boss’s voicemail.
  • Have an IM conversation with Kitty in which I inadvertently persuade her to come to Boston Tea Party.  (Not that this is a bad thing, just I hadn’t been trying to persuade anybody.)
  • Open the purchase order database preparatory to updating it.  Scroll through it for about thirty seconds.
  • Check my e-mail.
  • Check facebook and the swing forums again, just to see if anyone had posted something since the last time I checked.
  • Get more coffee.  The pot in the breakroom is running low, so I make a fresh pot, strong the way I like it.
  • Look at the paperwork for a FedEx shipment I’m supposed to track down.  Think about maybe doing that.
  • Continue checking my blogs.
  • Look at the purchase order database again.  Scroll through for another thirty seconds.
  • Check my work e-mail (different from my regular e-mail).
  • Google for adult ballet classes, hoping to find a soft ballet spot to land when the semester’s over.
  • Am told by my boss that I will have to redo my timecard, since the account numbers she had given me are no longer the ones I should be using.
  • Write a xanga post.  Go look at the Boston Tea Party website so I can link to it, get distracted by the 2008 instuctor’s bios.  Start daydreaming about dancing with John Lindo (he does, after all, owe me two dances).
  • Decide that it’s time to take a bathroom break.

And I’m getting paid for this.