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I can’t believe Theology On Tap starts tomorrow.  Planning has been a blur this time around.  I’m glad I’m passing the responsibility off to Flicka.  Believe me, it’s a rare moment of sanity when I admit that I can’t do something anymore. Sigh.  Though I am looking forward to the day when I can go to Theology On Tap and just enjoy myself.  It’s been pretty much pure work for me for a long time.  I want my Thursdays to be optional again.  It looks like I might actually get that.

UD Swing Club has been up and, um, swinging.  We’ve gotten fifty+ each time so far, all UD students.  There are some promising dancers in the bunch.  So far the girls outnumber the guys about 2:1 (maybe 3:1?), so I’ve been doing the lesson as a lead.  It’s interesting leading so many raw beginners – so far it hasn’t occurred to most of these girls that they ought to actually follow anything.  To be fair, I don’t think Bounce has really introduced them to that concept yet.  But they’re catching on.

I’ve been harvesting herbs from my herb garden.  So far I’ve made thyme and rosemary vinegars, plus basil and rosemary oil.  I’ve been drying sage on the windowsill in the basement, and basil on the big table where the printers used to be.  I want to make and freeze sage butter too, and some sage and thyme breads.  I already have a loaf of sage bread in the freezer – I figure it will make dynamite turkey stuffing for Thanksgiving.  It’s a good feeling to be storing things away.  It makes me feel, I dunno, all housewifely and prepared for the cold days coming.

I really miss 14 these days.  I talked to him Friday.  He’s enjoying the Jesuit novitiate a lot, praying and studying, and starting to get over being intimidated by his fellow novices.  I forget sometimes how much I miss him.  It’s been a long time since he was part of my everyday life.  Then I talk to him or hear from him, and it all comes back.  It isn’t even that I miss him in one particular part of my life, or miss something he used to do.  I just miss him.