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I have been in the most ridiculously good mood the last few days.  Even this morning, as I was blearily stumbling across my bedroom towards the bathroom, picking my way in between desk chair and bookbag, having woken up fifteen minutes before I was supposed to be at work, I found myself humming my happy song.  Could this be because of the weather (I absolutely adore clear blue days like these)?  The fact that I actually feel good about my dancing for the first time in quite a while?  Perhaps because yesterday I successfully executed a pirouette in my ballet class for the first time ever?  Maybe my school finances finally starting to get straightened out has something to do with it, or having successfully pulled off my Big Party.  Or that when I went to see my Hero Doctor on Wednesday I found out that I lost three pounds this month.

All I know is that last night at CL (my Catholic young adult group) was one of the most fun CLs I’ve had in a long time.  Between watching Johnsy spar with Marvin over who was really in charge, the echo-y room making it difficult to distinguish between the words “Protestant” and “prostitute” (and guess which one made Sweetness more worried), and inside jokes about Rahner with The Other One (dang, I really like a little bead stubble on a man – makes him look slightly disreputable and, you know, cute), it was quite a time!  Plus there was Dax, whom Johnsy had told me about but I hadn’t met yet.  All I can say is I hope that guy keeps coming, even if I’m still not sure what his first name really is.  It’s not everyone who can mix deep spiritual insights with making me laugh until I cry.  Very impressive.

Road trip this weekend!  Hurrah!