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This has been a most eventful past few days.  I’d give you guys a marathon blow-by-blow account of things (and really, the craziness level has been unusually high, even for me) but I don’t have time.  I need to write the last page of my Aquinas summary that was due, um, a week ago, and then get my butt to ballet.  So this is the highlights.  In the last five days I have:

  1. Totalled Johnsy’s car.  Completely not my fault.  Friday evening I was part of a five car domino collision chain in which I got smushed in between a pickup truck and a minivan.  I’m fine, everyone else is fine, but the car… not so much.  The back end has an impressive dent in it, and the front is all smashed to heck and gone.  There were fluids leaking out from underneath too.  It was a little traumatic all around.
  2. Helped Rosie finish repairing the brakes on my car (the reason I was driving Johnsy’s car).  Did you know that, while steering fluid will peel your skin off, brake fluid is relatively harmless?  Relatively.
  3. Bought a keg of Killian’s.  Indy went with me Saturday morning.  You go to the beer distributors, give them a lot of money, and they bring the keg out on a forklift to deposit in your car.  Then you call a friend to come help get it out of your car again, cuz while you may be strong and all, you’re not that strong.  Cpt. Badger did the honors.  He’s pretty cool, just so you know.
  4. Thrown a big, huge party that was a smashing success!  What can I say?  I’m just good at these things.  I think we may have had a total of 70 people over the course of the evening, with perhaps a top house population of 50 or so.  It was very interesting seeing the different parts of my life mix, or not mix, as the case may be.  I think my CL friends and swing friends intimidated each other a little for different reasons.  My swing friends were also a little startled to realize quite how large a circle of acquaintance I have.  Baker did a keg stand, which was pretty awesome.  I enjoyed myself a lot, and am looking forward to doing it again sometime.  Maybe next year the weather will cooperate…
  5. Had a heart to heart with SG about where I am as a dancer.  I’ve been getting very discouraged lately, partly, I think, because I have too many people telling me what I should fix.  It’s a case of too many chefs in my kitchen. In the end I feel like I’m doing everything wrong, trying to fix it all at once, and getting frustrated because it’s not all improving immediately.  So I think I’m going to take a break from the instruction and just dance for a little while.
  6. Helped start off UD swing club!  We had our first night last night.  There were over fifty people there.  It was pretty cool.  I took the lesson as a lead, and at one point was leading two girls at once in inside turns (Bounce: “Very talented, Bernadette!”)  There are a couple of people who look very promising, and everyone was very excited about it.  I think we are going to have great times there!

And now I have to get to Aquinas….  But this life, it just keeps happening, so keep checking back!  There will definitely be more.