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I just got off the phone with the beer distributors.  I’m going to go pick up a keg of beer on my lunch hour.  You go to the back docks, pay with cash only, and you can get 1/2 barrels and 1/4 barrels of all kinds of stuff.  The idea of me, Bernadette, Good Girl Extraordinaire, going down to the back dock to buy a keg of beer on my lunch hour, in my long, full, blue cotton skirt and grey shirt with roses on it, is so splendidly ridiculous that I can’t help but giggle to myself as I sit demurely at my desk typing this.  It’s an Adventure!  Hurrah!  I’m so glad I let Baker talk me into this.

Lest you be too concerned about me, you should know that this keg is for my party tomorrow.  I’ve been wanting to throw a big party for a while.  I had wanted to do something for my birthday, but that’s always right in the middle of Exam Week.  However, this month marks my Two Year Anniversary of Swing Dancing, which is a pretty big deal.  Plus, I want to show off my new home.  Plus Mai’s birthday is coming up.  Plus tomorrow is the feast of Our Lady’s Birthday, and what better way to celebrate Mary’s birthday than with a kegger?  (JJ: “I like your style!”)  So we’re going to party, with beer, good food, and a dance floor out in the back yard.  Now if it just won’t rain on me…