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Someone stole one of our pepper plants right off our back porch.  There is a shocking void where it used to be.  This probably happened Wednesday night, but we’re not completely sure.  This is one of the pepper plants Johnsy started from seed, the ones she used to croon over and baby-talk (“Is oo a cute widdle pepper plant?  Yes oo is!  Yes oo is!”).  These are the ones she planted in five gallon buckets she prepared herself, drilling holes in the bottom for drainage, investing in marble chips to keep the roots from getting soggy.  These are the plants she waters every single night, scooting on her butt to the side of the house to turn on the hose, and then drenching everything in sight.  She hoarded her peppers, fussing over them as they ripened, bringing them triumphantly inside as soon as they were the right color.  And now it’s gone.

Who would be so mean as to steal somebody’s pepper plant?