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So Poojah mowed the grass at our house for the first time on Saturday.  It’s her month to do it, and she’s been slacking, partly because she didn’t know how.  I had shown her the push mower and told her the basics, but she thought she knew what to do and sent me on my way.  I dropped a hint that the afternoon might be a good time (the weather was perfect – I did some yard work myself just because it was so beautiful),but she had other plans.  She didn’t get around to it until almost eight o’clock.  Johnsy and I kinda looked at each other as she headed out into the darkness, but hey, Poojah’s a grown woman, she can do what she wants.  The next morning I looked out on the yard from my bedroom window, and, well, all I can say is… our back yard is striped.  Really.  It looks like the grass version of an umpire’s uniform.  Oh, Poojah….

It was an interesting weekend.  I got to dance every day.  On Friday I went down to Indianapolis with Bounce.  We met Diva and SG there at SG’s belly dancing performance after which we all headed over to the weekly swing dance at Fountain Square.  Diva just moved there for grad school, so the plan was to make a splash and properly introduce her into the Indy swing scene.  The ballroom there is amazingly gorgeous, an old theatre with Fantasy Moroccan On Crack decor and twinkle lights in the painted-like-a-sky ceiling.  The dancing, however, was not so gorgeous.  I was looking over the dance floor when we arrived and remarked to SG that there was only one guy out there besides Bounce who wasn’t yanking his follow all over the world.  I made sure I danced with that one guy before the night was over.  The trip down and back was fun too, especially watching Bounce suffer from recurring hiccups.  His whole body would jerk, and sometimes he made funny noises.  It made me laugh a lot, which made Bounce laugh, and also get annoyed (Bounce: “You’re going to hell.”)

On Saturday I made it to the VuDo dance, which was fun.  The slo-mo Big Apple and Shim Sham were particularly inspiring.  I got a compliment on my dancing from Sensei (and seriously, folks, I can use whatever positive reinforcement I can get right about now, cuz all I can see is how far I fall short of where I want to be and it just sucks).  I didn’t win any door prizes myself, but Eowyn shared her pinwheels with me and Niobe gave me her fox hand-puppet, so I went home loaded with loot.

Good times…