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This is the problem with letting people know that you’re taking some time off: suddenly they find all kinds of things to fill that time.  Like taking them places.  And doing chores.  And errands.  And stuff.  I’m a little cranky about this today. All I want is to put up bookshelves and bake bread.  That’s all I want to do today.  Instead I woke up early to take Poojah out to her test in Troy, back in time for work, straight from work to an appointment with my Guru, then back out to Troy to pick Poojah up, taking her to meet Johnsy for dinner, then Women’s Group (or possibly coffee with a friend who’s about to move to Maryland) and Bal practice.  Tomorrow morning I’m up early again to take Johnsy out to her doctor in Urbana, returning just in time for my cooking day with L. Mama, then people coming over to help eat what we cook, then Fast Lindy lesson, then dancing, then stumble home and sleep.

On Thursday I get to sleep in.  At least I better get to sleep in. 

Other than that, it’s been a lovely time off so far.  I’ve read lots of unnecessary books.  I danced quite a bit at Pooka’s wedding.  I finally got some of my bookshelves up in my room, which means that at the same time I finally have hope of getting things settled and everything is currently very tossed around.  I had hoped to have things nice to show off to L. Mama and Sensei, etc., but I don’t think it’s going to happen.  Not in the next twenty-four hours, anyway.  Sigh.