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It’s a small world, at least in Dayton, at least if you know people in the Catholic young adult scene.  Last night was Pooka’s Bachelorette party (she’s getting married to Sparkboy on Saturday).  As Johnsy and I were heading into Brio for dinner, we ran into Barrister, the Virginian’s cousin.  Both of them used to come swing dancing a lot, although they’ve both kinda dropped out of the scene for various reasons.  We talked a little, and then the hostess showed Johnsy and I to our already prepared table.  When we were leaving, Barrister’s party was leaving as well, and I realized that I knew half the people he had been dining with, including ‘SupDoc’s sister, and another girl I know from Theology On Tap.  Then today at work I saw the Shy Engineer.  He greeted me with, “So, I heard you were out partying last night.”  I guess he’s already talked to Mouse (also at the Bachelorette) whom he used to date.  Yup.  Small world.

It was a good party, though I don’t know that I have all that much to compare it to.  Pooka had let it be known that she was open to receiving gifts of “tasteful lingerie.”  So Johnsy and I got her a can of Redi-Whip©, with a note that said we were sure she could figure out what to do with it.   Pixie gave her a box of plastic wrap.  Great minds think alike.  There was a candle making activity at Pooka’s house before dinner, and then Karaoke down at Therapy Cafe afterwards.  I was ready to put in my slip to do Michael Buble’s Feeling Good (one of the swankest songs I’ve ever heard – I once had a dance to that song that left me in a daze for a good 24 hours), but the wait was longer than Johnsy was able to stay, so I had to withdraw my entry.  Then I couldn’t get to sleep until I had played the song for myself at home, and danced around my room singing (quietly, since it was late) along.  I really love that song.  Really, really.