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This is the good part of the summer.  Things were so crazy at the beginning.  I went straight from a small forever of Homework Seclusion into prepping for the Kiddo’s graduation party and K-San’s wedding, all the while trying to keep up in a doctoral level language class, then moving a week after I got back from that, and going on family vacation a week after I moved.  Oh, and starting another semester of classes.  In some ways I was just gritting my teeth and getting through things, climbing as hard as I could while waiting for the day when the mountain range of Big Events would be behind me.  I told a friend that, after several chapters of soap opera in the novel of my life (my Old Roommate’s liver cancer diagnosis, Bhaer and The Big Fizzle, etc.) I was more than ready for a chapter full of small details of domestic life, the kind that starts out, “Time passed peacefully in its regular, ordinary way…”  (The problem is that usually that sort of line is followed up by, “Then one day…” and things get exciting again.)

And… it looks kinda like I’m getting that.  We’re on our last week of classes, after which I get two weeks off.  I’m settling into the house, painting shelf brackets, planting things in the garden.  Little by little I’m finding the things I lost in the move.  I’m getting deeper in my dancing.  On Sunday I figured out that the whole way I learned to keep my frame is wrong, so I need to break down my frame and relearn how to do it by using my lats, not my biceps.  (But we can do this.  It will take some time, but it’ll happen.)  There’s lots of excitement – I’m entering my first swing competition this weekend, at some point we’ll start making a movie, like that.  But it’s small excitements.  I’m not taking any big trips.  There aren’t any really huge projects looming in the distance.  I’m me, so sooner or later the Madcap Adventures will start up again.  I can wait.  I’ll rest while I can.