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Last night I did Big Apple for the first time.  Well, sort of.  I made it through without absolutely falling on my face.  I only lost my place twice (I think).  Somehow I managed to mess up parts that I really do know, like the Shorty Georges.  I think by that point in the evening I was just too tired.  After the lesson (Big Apple for an hour plus straight) plus regular dances (including an absolutely fabulous one with SwingSensei to Baby Workout), my brain/body couldn’t concentrate anymore.  Regardless, I made it through, and that’s what counts.

I’m worried about Pierce.

Johnsy made me coffee this morning. 

I wish The Virginian was back in the states so he could come put up my shelves.  I finally got things looking presentable (mostly because I had company coming over), but half my stuff is still in the spare room.  I won’t really be able to get it settled until I have shelves to put it on.  For some reason Johnsy doesn’t trust my skills with a cordless drill (I have no idea why), so she wants a real, actual carpenter type to come put them up.  The Virginian is the only one I know who will work for food.  We’ve been talking about him doing this for a while, but both of us keep taking trips and things.  So I’m not sure when this will actually happen.

I get to dance Westie this weekend!