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dahlia This, my friends, is the very first dahlia to bloom in my garden (I photographed it with my Mom’s digital camera).  I don’t know why I wanted dahlias so much this year.  I never really looked at them much before.  But this past spring when I was looking through gardening catalogs, something about them just grabbed me.  I didn’t have the money then, but later I saw them at Wal-Mart for half off, and splurged.  They were somewhat sad looking tubers, already sprouting anemic pale green shoots, but I planted them at the base of the back deck beside the snapdragons, and have been waiting ever since.  At first I thought they might not come up at all, and there was only green leaves that something kept chewing on.  Then there were fat buds (you can see more in the background) that looked like they would never burst into bloom.  Every time I showed someone my garden I would say, “Here are the snapdragons, and next to them are what will be dahlias one day, I hope.”  Then the other day I went out into the garden, and there it was!  The very first bloom!  Isn’t it beautiful?  I’m so happy.

snapdragons These are the snapdragons that have been there all along.  Those started out as already blooming seedlings, so I was never so worried about them.  I had to show both Johnsy and Poojah how to play with them.  You pinch the sides and make them snap at your friends.  (When we were little us kids used to chase each other around the back parking lot of church with these.)  It’s amazing to me that people don’t know the possibilities for fun inherent in the most commonplace things.  Hence my role as an evangelist of fun. 

Sooner or later I’ll upload pictures of my herb garden, and of the newly planted lavender bed.  I hope to have lots and lots of lavender to harvest next spring to make my sheets and towels and undies smell sweet and fresh all year.  I have irises too, which I think I’m going to plant at the corner of the front porch.  I’m not sure what else I’m going to plant there.  It’s the one sunny spot in the whole front yard.  It needs to have something special in it, I’m just not sure what yet.  It’ll come to me, I just need to give it time