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So along with my list of Things To Do Before I Die, I have a companion list called Things That Make Me Happy.  You guys seemed to enjoy the first list so much I thought I’d share a few things from the second.  As before, this is by no means the entire list.  If I could list everything that makes me happy, that would be kinda sad.  But here are a few things:

  • Birdfeeders.  At the other house I had one suction-cupped to the outside of my window. The birds came and perched on it just a few feet away from the chair where I did homework. It made me hold my breath a little – they are so small and beautiful.  I had put up a birdfeeder at the new house, but the evil squirrels actually chewed through the top to get at the birdseed and broke it.
  • Watching John Lindo dance.
  • Dancing, period.  There are so many times when I was cranky as all hell, or just miserable for one reason or another, then I dance and suddenly I’m all better.
  • White roses.  Well, actually flowers, period.
  • Rubber duckies.
  • My lily of the valley china.
  • Sugar-free ice cream.
  • My own herb garden – there are three kinds of sage in the back, oregano and rosemary in front, basil on one side, space for parsley on the other, and thyme across the front. This is the fourth herb garden I’ve planted in my life, and so far it’s the only one that’s mine, all mine!
  • Guilty pleasure songs – Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani, Girlfriend by Avril Levigne (that song is so wrong, and I love it).
  • Lavender scented hair conditioner.
  • Hair henna from Lush!
  • Blooms on my peace lily.
  • Flying kites. They are so free, and while I’m flying them, I’m free too.
  • The feel of my hair swishing on the skin of my back.
  • Being called ridiculous names.  My dad calls me Beautiful.  MDoS calls me Evil B.  I have one friend who likes to come up with new ones every time, like Bernadette Schmernadette, Mabel, Mabes (from the character I played in the movie we made), and (my personal favorite) B-Diddy. One time he sent me an e-mail addressed to simply “Sugar.”  It made me smile for a whole day.  Giggle Bear is pretty awesome too, and Girly Girl.
  • Coffee.  There’s something about holding the warm cup in your hand, smelling the aroma, knowing that when you take a sip it will be hot and good.  A latte at just the right temperature (not so hot it will burn your mouth) and just the right amount of foam is downright sacramental.
  • Blowing bubbles.
  • Really bad jokes, the kind five-year-olds tell.

And… I think that’s enough for one day.  In other news I got to dance outside a little last night.  There was a big band at Riverscape, and I ran over after CL.  The Other One was talking up going to see Old School Lou play at the Trolley Stop, but I needed to dance.  Johnsy stayed in the car (she said it would take too long to get her out and into her wheelchair, and then I wouldn’t have time to dance).  It was a good thing.  In the short time I was there they only played one song I could dance to.  SwingSensei did the honors.  Afterwards some of the cute old people from church came over all excited to see me dancing.  I wanted to introduce them to my dancing friends, but I could only remember the name of one of them.  Sigh.  I’ve known these people since I was five (well, they’ve known me anyway), and I still have no idea what their names are.  The best part, though, was at the end.  Bounce told me that people were going to Graeter’s for ice cream.  I said I wasn’t sure if I could go because I had Johnsy in the car.  Bounce half choked and said, “Well, I hope at least you left the window down!”