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I would like to state that the best way to watch fireworks is on the beach, especially if they’re setting them off from the breakwater so they seem to explode right over your head (the weeping willow/chrysanthemum ones are especially dramatic – so awesome).  We can’t always time our family vacations to coincide with the 4th fireworks, but when it works there’s nothing like it.  It was a little chilly this year, and some of us had been swimming while waiting for it to get dark, so several of us ended up huddled together for warmth in a slightly damp lump o’siblings.  Which leads me to:

Bernadette’s Quote Book – Special Fireworks Edition (a drama in two acts):
“I am flexing my muscle in Morse Code against your back.”
Rosie: “But I don’t know Morse Code!”
Boy-O: “I am saying,  ‘Rosie is a poo-poo head.'”
Rosie: “Ow!  My boob!”
Me: “You weren’t using it for anything.”
Rosie: “Tickle!  …  Hey, you have a strong grip.”
(the fireworks begin)
Me: “Saved!  Saved!”

The rest of the vacation has been good too, though sadly I have gotten no German done whatsoever.  I have managed to avoid any catastrophic sunburns this time around.  My hair hasn’t gone red yet, but that will hopefully happen tonight.  It is a lot shorter – Indy cut it this afternoon out in the back yard.  I have slept a lot, thought a lot, gotten some peace that I was sadly lacking.  Today I went to Confession with the cutest Irish Grandpa-priest ever. Tuesday I bought half a case of wine at the vinyard we used to buy all our wine from.  Sooner or later I’m going to have some very fun pictures to post from the impromptu glamour photo shoot on the beach.  Tomorrow we’re having lunch at another vinyard on our way home.  I’ve been randomly practicing dance steps – I think when other people start fidgeting I start doing solo Charleston.  I think I’m starting to get this whole Suzie-Q thing.  Maybe.  We’ll see.

It’s been a great vacation, the kind that actually makes you ready to tackle your life again.