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Bernadette’s Quote Book – Special Family Vacation Edition:
Dad: “My plan was that after appropriate potty-ing, we would get back in the van…”
Me to Indy: “Have you pottied appropriately?”
Mariah: “Dang it!  You made me put cherry juice on my pants!”
The Duchess: “Personal space!  Personal space!”

So far it has been a most excellent vacation.  Already I have laughed so hard at Sae’s impression of Undead Egg Salad that I had to sit down in the middle of the living room before I fell down.  (Indy: “Bernadette’s on crack!”)  I’ve been down to the beach once, though I didn’t go into the water (too cold).  I’ll go down again this evening if I can, though it probably will be too cold to swim again.  I’m cooking dinner tonight, and again later in the weekend.  It will be spaghetti and meatballs tonight, complete with Bernadette’s Meatballs of Amazing Garlicness.  Boy-O has persuaded me that we should have smashed potatoes with the roast chicken later on in the week (he’s on my supper crew).  It’s been good.

It’s good to get away from things.  There’s been lots of stuff that has been very distracting in Dayton lately, and I don’t just mean moving, finishing one semester and starting another one, etc.  I get very confused sometimes.  It’s good to be someplace where I have no cell phone signal, where I have to walk half an hour to check my e-mail at the library (today I needed to respond to an e-mail from one of my professors, so I made the treck).  It’s good to reconnect with my family, to reestablish/deepen my conscious contact with God.  I had a good, long prayer time this morning, my first in a while.  Lately my prayer has been a lot of panicked variations on, “God are you sure about this?  Cuz it really doesn’t make sense!”  And then God tells me to suck it up and keep going and I do.  But I need more, and I know God has more for me.  It’s good to finally be able to take the time to receive it.