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Lambkins, we will live.  Sigh.

I don’t like moving, but I’m very glad to have moved.  Already my room is coming together, cool and peaceful with many books on the shelves.  All the children’s and young adult books are going in the alcove on the steps to Johnsy’s attic on the shelves that 14 gave me.  The excess dishes situation is being resolved.  I think we’ve decided to put away the blue and white Chinese riceware and use the Fiestaware instead.  I have a bunch that my aunt gave me a while ago, pretty little soup bowls and some serving pieces.  Poojah likes how colorful it is (she’s the other girl living in the house with me and Johnsy).  The only thing we need is dinner plates, which I’ve started to buy on e-bay.  All the sewing stuff is aggregating in the basement, where one day it will become a wonderful sewing center.  The herb garden is taking off, so I have more fresh basil than I can use.  My houseplants, which had been tolerating life in the long window at the end of the attic, are luxuriating in the sunshine and fresh air on the front porch.  I finally found the bag with all my clothes hangars in it, so my clothes are now mostly put away.  Little by little, it’s looking like home.

I started a new semester of school on Monday.  I’m taking Biology 152 and the lab that goes with it.  This is interesting because I didn’t take BIO 151; I took BIO 101, which is essentially biology for liberal arts majors.  So I have some catch-up to do.  It’s nothing I can’t handle, though it does get a little old being condescended to because you’ve never handled a pipette before.  And then this morning I spilled the E. Coli solution…  Sigh.  Oh well.

On Sunday I leave for family vacation. It will be nice to just hold still a little bit.  I intend to come back with very red hair again.  A little sun, a little quiet – just what the doctor ordered.