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I am writing this from an entirely new, un-written-from location. 

I am very blessed with abundance in my life.  I have an abundance of family members (ten siblings, friends, ten), an abundance of friendship (couldn’t count that if I tried), an abundantly exciting life.  I am also blessed with an overwhelming abundance of stuff.  See, a while back I lived with my grandmother and took care of her for the last two years of her life.  When she died, I inherited a lot of her household stuff.  Did I need all these things?  No.  But I was grieving her so much that getting rid of anything that had belonged to her seemed unbearable.  Plus, I was leaving right away to go do travelling youth ministry, so everything had to be shoved in boxes and crammed in a storage locker the day before yesterday.  Most of it has stayed in storage for the past five years.  I didn’t even know quite what I had there anymore.  Yesterday the Duchess, Mariah, Indy and Bubba transferred it into my parents’ van, ready to bring over this morning.  This afternoon, when I walked into Johnsy’s dining room, it was all unpacked and spread out all over every available surface.  I stopped in my tracks and said (I’m not ashamed to admit it), “Holy sh*t.”  I then put my hands to my head and repeated that phrase several times.  Thor took pictures.  I’m pretty sure that they’ll be on facebook pretty soon.  It was, shall we say, a bit overwhelming.

I’m still pretty overwhelmed, sitting here in my new (freshly painted) room, surrounded by the great abundance of stuff God has blessed me with.  It’s books and pictures and papers and cool things and momentos and clothes and files and, well, God knows what, cuz I’m not sure that I do anymore.  Regardless, it’s all here with me, thanks to Thor (who worked like a trooper for me all weekend), the Mechanic, Mr. Collins, Mighty Mite and her brother, Her Royal Meggieness, Mr. Pontipee, Mr. Maker, Indy, the Duchess, Mariah, Bubba, and of course Johnsy.  They were an amazing crew, and I am deeply grateful to have had their help.

My friends, I am moved.