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The wedding was beautiful.  The bride was so happy she was doing jumping jacks.  Everything went according to plan, which was perhaps the most surprising part of all.  The Young Queen had my back the whole way, which is what made it possible.  Her brother and sister came and worked like slaves for me, which also made it possible.  I worked myself to the point of exhaustion and beyond.  I am glad that I did it, but I don’t think I want to do it again.  Maybe if it were the Young Queen’s wedding.  Maybe if it were my own (hopefully if it were my own wedding I’d find other things to exhaust me).

Thursday night I did get to go dancing in Milwaukee.  It was the night before the wedding, and there was so much to be done, but I didn’t care.  Dancing was what I needed for my own sanity.  So I went.  I only stayed maybe an hour and a half.  There were some good leads there, and some guys that I would have liked to have stayed and danced with, but I was so tired, and I’m not used to dancing in cigarette smoke.  It was an ego boost to see that I could hold my own (Overheard: “You should ask the new girl to dance – she’s really good!”).  I was starting to get lightheaded, so I left, and worried about getting sick all the way home to the Young Queen’s place.  It wasn’t until after I got there that I realized that I had totally forgotten to eat dinner…

The hero of the weekend was definitely the Young Queen.  She had my back the whole way.  I remember how hard the Movie Premiere was last summer, not least of all because when everything was done, there was no one to take care of me.  This time there was.  She made sure I got home safe, and tipped me over into bed.  She brought me coffee in the morning.  After I got back from lunch with Prof. X she took me home to her parents’ house, where she walked me to Mass, sat me down to a home cooked meal, and made sure I got a good night’s sleep.  It was wonderful.  I couldn’t have done it without her.

The sad things?  I don’t have any pictures.  I don’t have a camera, and the Duchess (who was there) forgot to take any.  And I didn’t get to dance any of the polkas.  It was a very Cinderella moment.  They had a great DJ, and dance cards for the polkas again, but I had way too much to do to even think about the dance floor.