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You know, I rather like roadtripping.  It seemed to take me forever to leave Dayton yesterday – first getting everything in the car, then realizing that the marigolds weren’t going to fit like I expected, and rearranging things again.  Then there was a prescription to fill on the way out of town, and gas to buy, and finally I was on the road.  It’s sortof soothing, just driving, the music up loud, singing along on occasion.  I have a good mix of music on my Palm Pilot, everything from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (those are definite sing-along songs) to Mary J. Blige, Portishead, and Etta James.  I stopped a couple of times to stretch my legs, and to get change for the toll booths in Chicago.  When I had enough bars on my cell phone I made phone calls, catching up with my Guru, and checking in with Young Queen.  I ran into some traffic around downtown Chicago, but it wasn’t too bad.  I did have to go to the bathroom very badly by the time I was through.  I was deeply grateful to see the signs for the Lake Forest Oasis!  When I arrived, K-San and her fiancee (whom I have yet to come up with a nickname for) had dinner waiting for me.  I dragged my stuff in, ate, talked wedding some, showered, turned out the light, and slept like a baby all night.  This morning I got up early, got coffee from the coffee shop downstairs (how cool is it to live over a coffee shop?), and have been making lists and getting ready for the work ahead.  Here are some of the things I need to do:

  • Polish silver sugar bowl and creamer.
  • Go shopping for veggies, condiments, coffee, and mass amounts of paper towels and ziplock bags.
  • Make sample arrangements of dried grasses in gourds so my helpers can see what I want.
  • Figure out a display arrangement for the unity candle.
  • Sort fabric lengths and saris according to coordinating colors.
  • Keep watering marigolds so that they continue to look beautiful.
  • Start cutting up vegetables.
  • If I have time, hit Sendik’s, or maybe Koppa’s for dinner stuff.
  • Give Young Queen a blow by blow account of all my adventures the last, um, three months or so.  Since Palm Sunday anyway.
  • Assemble sample of marigold with decorative paper wrapper for my helpers to copy.
  • Make drawings of serving platters, also for helpers to copy.
  • Figure out how I’m arranging the buffet.
  • Smile and be calm so that K-San can feel serene and confident as her Big Day approaches.

This wedding is going to be so beautiful.  It’s very K-San.  Everything is very natural and unfussy.  The tables will be covered with unbleached muslin with burlap runners.  In the center of each will be a painted gourd with an arrangement of dried grasses.  On each side will be the packs of marigolds, gloriously in bloom – all kinds of deep oranges and reds and yellows.  The plates, cups and eating utensils are all hunter green, and the napkins are ivory.  The room is late 1800s, open room right on the Lake, with huge arched windows on three sides looking out onto the water.  I have 15 dozen votive candles that will be lining the window sills.  The fourth side is all dark wood french doors, which will be draped with long strips of rich fabric in the same colors of the marigolds, plus some gorgeous embroidered saris that I borrowed from my sisters.  On Thursday I’m going out to K-San’s parents’ farm and cutting whole bushes worth of branches, which will be in large buckets (covered in fabric) in the corners of the room, and in front of the head table.  It’s going to be amazingly beautiful.

Now I just have to make that real.

It’s been very interesting doing this, and realizing that, as beautiful as this is, it’s nothing like what I would do if it were my own wedding.  But then, that’s mostly indicative of how different K-San and I are.  I tend to embrace the cute.  K-San is very cute, but she’s much more no-nonsense and minimalist.  I’ve always said that I wasn’t interested in planning my wedding until I had the guy to plan it with (it would be his wedding too, after all).  I think I can safely say, however, that if I ever get married, my wedding would have a lot more flowers.