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So it seems that I am the pround new owner of a vintage stove.  This is not a picture of my stove, but close.  All the burners are on one side with a work surface covering the rest of the top, and it isn’t so shiny and clean.  It also is all white (no cool green top), and some of the handles are broken.  But otherwise, that’s my stove.  And I’m thrilled.  I’ve always had a thing for stoves like this.  They just look cool to me.  And lots of times they have interesting features, like warming ovens, that you just don’t find on most modern stoves.  The Duchess and Mariah had one in their little kitchen that I’ve always thought was enormously cute, and there’s one in the kitchen of the cottage on Lake Erie where we vacation every summer that I’ve been coveting for a long time.  When I found out that Duchess and Mariah were getting a new stove as part of their kitchen remodel, I asked them if I could have the old one.  And I could!  That, plus $40 to get the guy to move it for me, got me my very own vintage stove sitting in the back corner of Johnsy’s garage, waiting for the day when I’ll have the money to get it reconditioned (and the kitchen to put it in).  Mine, all mine!  Hurrah! 

In other news, the movie madness is starting up again.  Indy is moving ahead with the Boy Band Mockumentary.  The fun catch is that all of the guys in this boy band are actually fairy tale princes living out their stories.  There’s Sleeping Beauty’s prince, who’s girl is continually sleep deprived and in need of coffee, and Rapunzel’s prince (he doesn’t remember all that much about her, but man, she had this hair), Snow White’s prince, and Cinderella’s prince, who’s sweetheart is the overworked costume assistant.  It’s going to be so much fun.  So far Boy-O is going to be one of our princes, and Bounce has agreed to be another.  Sensei is thinking about it, but we’ll have to see.  I’m probably not going to be in this one, but I’ve volunteered to help feed people, and I might be the makeup girl.  I don’t wear makeup much myself (I hate fussing with my face, and when I laugh all the eye makeup runs anyway) but I’m pretty good at putting it on.  Fun times ahead!  I’ll keep you posted.