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This not being able to breathe thing is getting kinda old.  I went to see my Hero Doctor again this morning.  We’re trying a different kind of antihistamine, I’ll finish out the steroids he put me on last week, and we’ll see each other again on Tuesday.  Sigh.  Dang it!  I have dancing to do this weekend.  Pout.  Stupid asthma…

Ok.  I’ll try to stop whining now.

Much fun with graduations this week.  Both one of my little brothers and the Kiddo graduated from CJ.  We had their graduation parties on Sunday, the Baccalaureate was on Tuesday, and they walked the stage at the Schuster Center on Wednesday.  I was so proud of both of them.  I think I teared up more than once.  In some ways this makes things complete for me.  When I moved into my current living situation, it was in order to take care of the Kiddo.  I started staying with her while her mom was on call right before she started high school, and then I moved in right after she finished her Freshman year.  A lot has changed since then, but in some ways it feels like I’ve seen her through.  Last Friday I took her to school for her last day.  We stopped and got Starbucks on the way, which was kindof our thing.  When I dropped her off I told her, “I’m proud of you.”  She choked up and couldn’t talk for a minute.  As I drove away I felt complete, like I had finished a job I had to do.  It was good.

Little by little I’m getting moved in to Johnsy’s.  I’ve been taking over my cookbooks and stacking them against the wall in the dining room.  We’re going to run shelves up the wall, and put them all there (I have rather a large collection of cookbooks).  I dug my herb garden on Monday, and got all the plants in the ground.  On Wednesday when I dropped off the latest load of stuff I went out and picked my first fresh basil.  I really love this herb garden.  I was thinking of how many I’ve planted in my life.  There have been four, and so far this is the only one that’s been really mine.  I can’t tell you how good that feels.

Now if I could only breathe when I wanted to…