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A few exam week statistics:

  • Papers written: 3
  • Papers still to be written: 1
  • # of footnotes in latest paper: 71
  • # of empty 2L bottles of diet soda: 23
  • # of weeks on Homework Emergency: 5
  • Birthday dinners: 2
  • Birthday cards: 5
  • Birthday dances: 1

It’s been interesting.  I wish I were really, really done.  At different points I’ve been so tired I started bumping into things and forgetting what day it was.  I want to be done.  I wanted this week off so much.  I have gardening to do, and dancing, and friends to catch up with.  My life is waiting.  I want to get back to it.

I did have a great birthday.  Someday I’ll do another post of the other wonderfully silly songs my sisters left on my voicemail.  I had a great birthday jam at swing.  I was trying to duck it – Wednesday was one of the days when I was running into things.  I wasn’t going to go to dancing at all, but I had books to trade with Bounce.  My plan was to go, trade books, dance maybe three or four dances, and scoot before they remembered that I’d just has a birthday.  Yeah, not so much.  Bounce was late, and they caught me before I could leave.  I even had my shoes off and everything.  SG made me put my shoes back on.  When I was done, no one was waiting to escort me to the floor.  So I walked out into the middle, raised my arm, said, “Alright, I need a boy!” and just waited.  SG started laughing.  From behind me I heard, “That would be my job!”  I turned and saw Bounce striding onto the floor glaring at the other guys, “The rest of you stay back!”  It was ridiculous and dramatic and awesome.  I think I laughed through my entire birthday jam.  So much fun.