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I think I may have found my something easy.  I’m still not sure yet, but I think maybe…  The other night I made plans to meet up with A Certain Someone while I’m in Milwaukee this summer and have a drink (he said something about orange juice, but I think he was kidding).  It was so nice.  Sometimes it feels like everyone in my life wants things from me, even if it’s only attention and time.  There isn’t enough of me to go around.  Being conscious of all these needs/wants I cannot fill is sometimes overwhelming.  However, in all the time I’ve known this guy, he’s never made me feel that way.  I knew he appreciated me, but I’ve never felt pressure of any kind.  He never asked me or seemed to ask me for anything I could not give.  It’s really kindof wonderful and, well, restful.  I don’t even have to wonder if or when I’ll see him again once the semester is over.  We’ll see each other in June, and in the meantime he doesn’t need or want anything.  That’s so nice.  I think in my whole life right now this may be the one restful thing.  Every time I think about it I’m pretty sure my blood pressure goes down a notch.  Thank you, God, for something easy.

In other news, we’re getting a new roof put on our house.  The roofers have to rip the old roof completely off before they can apply the new one.  My room where I do most of my schoolwork is in the attic, so this means a lot of very loud noise directly overhead.  It also means a lot of dust produced by the banging, which is sending my lungs into a state of rebellion.  I don’t really like working at the library – I just can’t seem to get really comfortable there – but I think it may have to become my home away from home for a while.  As much as I love my room, I have to be able to breathe.

Oh, and in other news, KJ is back from Baghdad all safe and sound and jet-lagged!  Hurrah!