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I know I haven’t posted about my roommate in a while.  There hasn’t been much good news to post.  People ask me how she is, and I say she’s hanging in there.  It seems like every day exhausts her a little more.  She’s been having difficulty with fluid building up in her abdomen, which makes her incredibly uncomfortable.  She was going in about once a week to have it tapped off, which would make her feel better for a few days.  Right before Easter they installed a shunt (I insisted on calling it her spigot) to make the draining easier.  We had high hopes that this would make things better, but so far it hasn’t worked like that.  The surgery took a lot out of her, and since then there’s been leakage by the incision sites, and all kinds of things.  It seems like nothing ever truly helps.

We’re still doing the chemo.  The doctors did a second round of scans a while back.  While they couldn’t say that anything had actually improved, they thought they saw enough change to continue with the therapy.  So we’re still hoping that any day now the cancer will start to feel the hurt, and the tumor will start to shrink.  It has to shrink by 50% before they’ll be willing to do the surgery.  So far we don’t know that it’s shrunk at all.

I don’t know how much time we have.  Every day it seems to cost her more and more to hang on.  She’s had to start rationing her energy.  This is the woman who, days before she was diagnosed, went out and cut down the Christmas tree all by herself.  A few days back she took the Kiddo shopping for a prom dress. She had to go around the mall in a wheelchair because there was no way she had enough energy to walk.

We need some good news.  We need it soon.

Please pray for us.