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Such a beautiful wedding.  It is a glorious thing when two people who are so transcendently in love are able to consecrate that love surrounded by so many people who also love them so deeply.  So much love, and not the hearts and flowers kind of love, but the kind that understands sacrifice and comittment, and the passion that not only sweeps you off your feet, but inspires you to get up in the middle of the night when the baby cries.  It is a blood and bone kind of love, the kind of thing that inspires awe by its very presence.  It is not often that you hear two people say their wedding vows, and can be certain sure that not only do they understand completely exactly what they are vowing to one another, but they also intend to keep those vows with every fibre of their being.  I feel honored to have been invited to witness it.  And one day I would like to see a man look at me the way Tree looks at his bride.  It may only be when I am looking in God’s face in heaven, but one day…

I also got to polka an awful lot.  So much fun.  Those Wisconsin farmer boys can polka!  Some of them are the kind of farmer boys who used to play college football.  They kinda hurl you around the floor.  You just hang on and keep your frame and it’s a good time.  I’ll get to polka again at K-San’s wedding – I’m looking forward to it already!

Speaking of which, that is going to be another gorgeous wedding.  I got to see the space I’m going to decorate for the reception.  Beautiful late-1800s dark wood with airy ceiling and huge windows looking out to Lake Michigan.  We’re going to have leafy branches in buckets to make it feel like the woods, and votive candles in glass lined along the window ledges.  I can’t wait to see it when dusk is falling.