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Yes, I am still in Homework Seclusion.  It’s going pretty well, I think.  I’ve made significant advances on my Big Papers, and I am not quite as catastrophically behind on Philosophy as I used to be.  (Note: I am still heinously behind, but the degree has lessened somewhat… that’s progress, right?)  Tonight I’m giving a presentation on my Contemporary Theology paper (the one I nicknamed George).  Of course I don’t feel ready.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to impress them so much with the good parts that they won’t notice that I have no idea what I’m going to say in the section on Christology, and, um, a few other things like that.  I’ll let you know how that goes…

In other news, I really like Easter.  I particularly like the way my family celebrates it.  Boy-O won the Easter Vigil Bet this year.  He says that for his prize he wants a scapular and tater tots.  My brother is so cool.

Also, in heaven I sincerely hope that there is no bureaucracy, nor bureaucratic politics, nor inter-organizational/office politics, particularly those politics that masquerade as Ministry (grrr).  Although those politics did get me a free dinner at Dublin Pub yesterday.  Well, actually the dinner was an effort of said bureaucrats to placate me after their attempt to steamroll me failed significantly.  The dinner was nice, but why did it have to be necessary?  If they hadn’t overstepped themselves in the first place…

On a happier note, tomorrow afternoon I’m heading up to Wisconsin for Tree’s wedding.  I’ve been looking forward to this.  Maybe they’ll even let me feed the calves again!  I’ll be travelling up on the Catholic Girl Express, a whole van-full of friends of the bride, who is originally from this area.  (Hint: we’re all young and cute.  Hint: only one of us has a boyfriend.)  As we’re passing through Milwaukee on our way to Fond du Lac the van will stop to set me down at K-San’s place (Tree’s little sister who asked me to help plan her wedding this summer).  I’ll stay the night there, do wedding stuff in the morning (see the reception hall, etc.), and then travel the rest of the way up with her.  I’m really looking forward to that too.  I’ve enjoyed talking with her a lot.  The other night I said something about a good go-fer being worth their weight in gold.  She’d never heard that figure of speech before, and relayed it to her fiance, who immediately tallied up the exact worth of her weight in gold, based on current gold prices of $600/oz.  This came up to something over a million dollars.  Then he said that, of course, that she’s worth much more that that to him.  I thought the whole thing was wonderful.