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Today I had a meeting with my professor, the one for whom I’m writing my huge Modesty & Beauty paper nicknamed Edmund.  He told me that I am a joy to work with, and that the work I am doing is so significant that one day they will be making movies about me writing these papers.  Yeah, he really said that.  I know.  And this is not a guy given to making sweeping statements like that.  Actually, he’s much more the absent-minded professor type, more likely to be off-handedly understated than effusive.  I told him that I didn’t know about the movies, but I hoped that one day it would make for some very interesting hagiography, which he thought was cute.  It always surprises me when I get complimented like that.  It’s a bit startling. I never expect it.  I would like to think this is humility, but it’s much more likely that it’s self-esteem problems!

Also on the compliments theme, last night at Wal-Mart the young Indian cashier guy complimented my colorful rainboots and told me that I had a sweet smile.  He also asked me if I was friends with any people from India, and on hearing that we made an Indian music video, told me that I had to get him a copy, and gave me lots of directions on how to make sure he got it.  It was rather cute.  I might even do it…  we’ll see.

In other news, I am hereby announcing that I am going into Homework Seclusion.  I have recently had The Smackdown laid upon me by both my Gurus for letting other things get in the way of schoolwork, which should be my top priority right now.  I am ordered to ruthlessly prune my social and service comittments until such time as my schoolwork is under control.  And they’re right.  This is a crucial time for me.  I’m starting the process of petitioning the university to let me skip straight into the Masters program without finishing my Bachelors.  If it looks like I can’t handle the load I’m currently carrying, they’ll never believe that I’m ready to deal with a graduate program no matter how many accolades I collect from my Profs.  (I need to make two signs to put up on my wall.  One will say, “GRAD SCHOOL,” and the other will say, “THEOLOGY COMES FIRST.”)  So until I can get caught up (or until the semester ends, whichever comes first), I’ll be turning off my phone and retreating into my attic fastness to Do Work.  I love you all, but right now this has to come first.  You have been warned.