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Friday is 14’s Hello/Good-bye party.  He’ll be leaving us on Sunday, batting around the US and Europe for the summer, and ending up (hopefully) at the Jesuit novitiate in Louisiana.  I’m going to miss my friend a lot.  Last night he came over to bring me his bookcase, and some books to put on it (since I need more books…).  We hung out for a little while until he had to go meet Hot Josh, and I needed to leave for Women’s Group.  It’s bittersweet to say good-bye.  I’m so glad for him, that he’s found this thing to work towards, but I will miss him very much.  At the same time our lives are going in such different directions – even if he stayed in Dayton I don’t know how much I would get to see him (although we have managed to see each other pretty frequently since he came back).  But he’ll always be dear to me, no matter where he is.

I’ve been so worn out the past few days.  I think I underestimated how physically and emotionally exhausted I would be.  I did a lot of stuff this past weekend, much of it pretty far out of my comfort zone.  I had thought that I would be able to just jump right back into my crazy life, and … not so much.  Instead I sortof hit a wall and shut down.  Yesterday I was so out of it I was forgetting to eat.  Today is better.  I’m starting to get back into things.  Little by little.  As my Guru would say, you don’t have to be moving fast, you just have to keep moving.  So I’m moving.

Little by little.