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Things that make me happy:

  • The crocuses blooming in the corner of our front yard.
  • Driving with my windows down.
  • Women’s group with everyone crowded up in my attic, sitting on the floor and the bed, drinking tea and talking about our lives.
  • Watching John Lindo dance.
  • My new birdfeeder – it attaches to the outside of my window with suction cups, thereby avoiding the whole installation hazards problem.  The birds perch just a few feet from where I sit doing homework.  They are so small and skittish and beautiful.  They’re also messy – the window box under my window is going to be filled with their discarded seeds when they’re done (thereby creating another birdfeeder!).
  • The eggcups I got for my roommate when I went to Notre Dame last month.  They’re so cool I had to include a picture here.  There are two of them, one blue and one green.  They sit on our windowsill, and The Kiddo amuses herself with switching their baseball caps from front to back and sideways.
  • The pepper grinder I got at the same time as the egg cups.  It’s actually cobalt blue (not green like in the picture), and is sitting on our stove right now.  It makes me laugh every single time I use it (and I love fresh ground pepper).  The little guy looks like he wants to hug the world, and instead pepper comes out of his butt.  It may be sick and wrong, but I thinks it’s hilarious.
  • It’s warm enough to wear skirts again!
  • I only have 175 pages of Rahner to go.
  • The new CL website.
  • And finally – because it’s Spring!  In honor of which (and also in honor of my birdfeeder), I offer this small poem.  I am not the author.  I have no idea who the author is.  If you do, you should let me know.  And with that disclaimer…:

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz,
I wonder where them birdies is.
The little birds is on the wing – ain’t that absurd?
The little wings is on the bird!

Oh, and I ran into Bhaer on campus yesterday.  He told me that for his Midterm Break he went to Singapore (and how cool is that?!).  The funny thing is that all I could think of was Captain Jack Sparrow unlacing whats-er-face’s corset and saying, “Clearly, you’ve never been to Singapore.”