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I’m feeling frustrated and panicky today.  I had so much I needed to get done over Break, and how much actually got accomplished?  Well, a lot, really, just not everything that needed to get done.  I worked some hours, recovered from The Flu That Sandbagged Me, spent time with 14 and the Duchess, put together the packet of info for K-San I’ve been promising her for over a month now.  I got a lot done.  But it’s not enough.  There’s an incredible amount of work that has to be done before tomorrow – a poetry revision packet, a lot of Philosophy, 200 pages of Karl Rahner, and there’s no time to do it in.  Even if I don’t sleep tonight I can’t get it done.  This makes me feel somewhat sick to my stomach, and there’s nothing I can do about it.  And I need to get ready to leave too – I’m heading to the Boston Tea Party on Thursday after classes.  So there’s laundry to do, and loose ends to tie up.  I’m leaving on Thursday whether I’m ready or not.  I’m going.  Just – I have to survive until then.  So, you know, say a prayer for me.