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I just came home from visiting the Dayton Art Institute with 14.  When I was thinking of all the things I wanted to do while I was on Midterm Break, one of them was Hang Out W/14, and another was Do Something Adventurous and Silly.  I thought I would combine the two, so I called up 14 and said, “Let’s have an Adventure!”  He said, “Ok.  We haven’t gone to the art museum yet.”  And I said, “Oh.”  But the guy’s leaving soon, and perhaps, having just returned from Afghanistan, has had his fill of adventures for a while.  So we went to the Art Institute.  Confession and Mass first, then lunch at Panera, then art.  It was fun.  14 came up with the theory that Rubens’ painting “Study Heads of an Old Man” is really a portrait of Rubens’ split personality.  We know that Rubens had a split personality because he has two first names: Peter Paul Rubens.  One of the heads must be of Peter, and the other one must be of Paul.  That’s what 14 says, anyway.

In other news, I wore my Magical Skirt of Silver Sparkles to swing Wednesday night.  VanDyke had been bugging me to wear it for some months now.  First it was way too cold for thin, cotton skirts, and then I was travelling to Notre Dame, and didn’t want to travel in a skirt, and then I just forgot.  But Wednesday night I remembered.  It had quite the effect on the guys I danced with.  I think every single guy I danced with commented on it.  Oh, wait, no.  Baby didn’t, and neither did The Virginian.  But then, I think they were thinking so hard about their dancing that they never noticed the skirt.  Pierce (a very shy new guy who never danced) told me that at one point I was spinning so fast that the parttern seemed to hold still.  He was very impressed with this.  I just think it’s funny how distracted guys are by shiny things.