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Today is a good day.  I actually got up on time, and my chest did not hurt.  Well, it didn’t hurt much.  I took the Kiddo to school, and came home to a quiet house.  I took out the trash and the recyclables and tidied up the kitchen.  Then I went upstairs to my attic sanctuary and made myself a pot of tea.  It’s been a while since I drank tea up in my room.  I used to do it all the time, but somehow I got more in the habit of drinking coffee.  It’s easier to get good hot coffee, and you can get your caffeine fix faster. But I like tea.  I had forgotten how much I like it, black and spicy (my own blend of black tea bags from Ireland and Cardamon Cinnamon Warm the Heart tea from The Republic of Tea) with milk that turns it a warm toffee color.  I sat in my chair and gazed out my window into the trees and thought about things while I drank it.  A bird came and hopped around the edge of my window box for a while, and I thought about getting a bird feeder.  (I’ve thought about it before, but the risk involved in trying to install it outside my window under the eaves three stories up is a little, um, much.)  After a while I got out my Morning & Evening Prayer book and did my morning prayer time.

It was so good just to be there.  I didn’t have anything else I absolutely had to do.  I didn’t have any deadlines I was missing just by holding still.  Midterm Break had officially started, and oh, it felt good.

The papers I have to write, the loose ends I have to tie up, everything that needs to get done this week to make the rest of the semester bearable – I’ll think about all that later.