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So this morning I went to see my Hero Doctor.  And I love that guy.  I have been so sick since Saturday night with this insane cold.  My throat hurts, my head is fuzzy with fever, and the worst is the cough that won’t let me rest.  It’s better than it was on Monday, but last night I coughed so hard I woke myself up at least three times.  And that was while dosed up with Nyquil too.  Anyway, he told me that this is probably viral and I’ll have to suffer through it, but he gave me a bunch of samples of this killer new prescription cold medicine, along with strict warnings that I should not double this up with anything else or take more than the prescribed dose because this is powerful stuff.  Oh, and he gave me a box of Girl Scout cookies too.  I can’t eat them, cuz I don’t do sugar, but it was very sweet and random.

Anyway, I drag my butt home, feeling half like I’m fainting the whole way.  Once I’m in my kitchen I pull out the samples to take the first dose.  I open this little bottle, and tilt it over the measuring cup.  Nothing comes out.  I look in the bottle.  It’s filled with some of the nastiest looking brown sludge you ever saw.  I start thinking, “How long have these samples been on my doctor’s shelves?”  It’s just nasty.  I try closing the bottle and shaking it, thinking that perhaps the stuff had just seperated.  Nope.  Still sludge.  It looks so gross.  For a while I think I’ll just stick with my Dayquil and forget about this new stuff, no matter how marvelous my doctor says it is.  Then I have another coughing fit.  I put a full glass of water at my elbow to wash away the taste, get a spoon, and scoop out a dose.  After two false attempts, I finally steel my nerves enough and stick it in my mouth.  And… it’s good!  Really good!  Chocolate good!  It’s like chocolate pudding with medicine in it!  Wonderful stuff!  I double check the bottle – yup, it’s sugar free!  Wahooo!  Suddenly the bottles look like magic little pudding cups.  Immediately I start feeling better.  My doctor is my hero all over again.  Hurrah!